Car Insurance 1st Time Drivers

Every first time car driver worries about the high cost of insuring their car. Car insurance companies quote higher rates for new drivers than any other driver for the simple reason that they have no driving experience. By taking some measures, a first time driver can get much lower rates than the set premiums.

The first thing you should do if you are looking for first time car insurance is buying a low risk vehicle. Check the car’s safety rating to determine how much risk of accident it carries. Vehicles are ranked between 1 and 50, with 50 signifying the highest risk. Get a car that is closer to 1 and preferable, one in the 1 band. Your premiums will be lower. Cars to avoid include sports cars or any other car with a powerful engine and heavily modified ones.

In addition to choosing a safe car, ensure that the car is also low value. Being a first time driver, you really have no need to drive a custom made, expensive vehicle. High value cars are more likely to be stolen than low value cars. Buy a car that is unattractive to thieves and your insurer will reward you for it.

Once you’ve bought a cheap model, do not modify it to improve performance. Many people get the engine modified or lower the suspension. Doing this will inevitably increase your premiums. Consult with your insurer before making any modifications to your car so they can tell you how the action will affect your insurance rates. Some modifications may not have an effect on your premiums so the safest thing is to inquire before attempting anything.

Do not buy too much insurance. Buy only the amount of insurance you need for your needs. While comprehensive insurance offers maximum coverage, it will increase your premiums by several hundred pounds. Third party, fire and theft coverage may be more appropriate for you. Third party, which happens to be the legal minimum for every motorist, will not provide sufficient protection especially because it does not cover your car against damage. A lot of times, first time drivers buy unnecessary insurance out of ignorance and pay so much for it when they could have saved that money.

Avoid points and convictions by driving safely and adhering to all traffic rules. Getting caught for any of these offenses makes it hard for you to get insurance when your policy comes up for renewal. Most insurers will give you higher premiums if you have a penalty while some will outright decline to cover you.

Keeping a clean driving record also helps in building up your no claims discount. Discounts are earned for five consecutive years, starting from the first year if you do not file a claim. By the end of the five years, you will have earned the necessary experience to qualify for lower quotes. You will also be liable for other discounts that will lower your insurance costs.

List more experienced drivers on your policy. The advantage of adding low risk drivers is that it can bring your premiums down. What you should not do is listing a high risk driver like yourself – such as young drivers, other first time drivers or convicted drivers. This can easily increase your rates. Some companies allow you to add experienced drivers (your parents would be a good choice) at no additional cost.

The most useful advice anyone can ever give you concerning first time car insurance is buying it from a specialist provider. Go for insurance companies that specialize in first time insurance companies, who will tend to have much lower rates.


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