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Driving and insuring a car in the UK is expensive and we all want to save money on car insurance. However most UK motorists buy coverage year after year from the same insurer, despite the fact that other insurance companies may offer identical policies at cheaper prices. Many of these companies increase renewal premiums year after year, knowing that most drivers will just pay up rather than look for better quotes from other insurers.

Finding special offers for car insurance

Cut price policies, usually offered for short periods of time, are common. This is because there is a lot of competition amongst insurers for new business. About a quarter of UK motorists change insurer every year which means that these companies have to persuade many new drivers to insure with them or go out of business; sometimes by expensive advertising but often by short term price reductions. So, how do you find these cheaper insurance policies? Simple; you compare costs using a price comparison service which offers up to date prices including special offers, and you use it regularly, well before your current policy expires, to give you the chance to spot the bargains. And then next year, again before your new policy comes up for renewal, you do the same again.

Car insurance price comparison sites

Can you trust these comparison companies? Most of the major companies are owned, wholly or partly by large insurers and although they are no doubt very, very honest it wouldn't hurt to use a completely independent company for your next car insurance quote.

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